Fitness 101

Fitness 101


Have you been putting off getting back into a fitness routine because you feel like you have to dive into the deep end? All or nothing? Let me help change your mind set about it. Here are some tips that may help you start making healthier choices about exercising and sustaining an active lifestyle.

DO —
• Let your friends and family know you want to start taking steps toward being more fit and healthy so you have people to be accountable to. Perhaps, they’ll do the same.
• Find ways to incorporate your family into an exercise routine.
• Ask friends to join you.
• Start slowly. Even 10 minutes per day is an awesome beginning.
• Set small, short-term goals. An example – “I will do pushups every day until I can do 10!” “I will walk/jog 3 days per week until I can jog 1 mile without stopping.”
• Build an endurance base before you start joining super challenging indoor cycling classes.
• Seek the help of professionals – teacher, trainer, coach.

DON’T! —
• Jump into the hardest boot camp or Crossfit challenge you can find until you have a good strength and endurance base.
• Start training for a marathon that’s 6 weeks away if you’re not an experienced “runner.”
• Order every fitness DVD on the market. P90X and Insanity can be amazing workouts, but NOT to start out with.
• DON’T Quit!

• Circuit strength training with light weights and body weight.
• Light endurance training – walking, hiking; stair, elliptical, row machines and stationary bicycle; swimming.
• Gentle and/or beginner yoga.
• Take the stairs.

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