Group Training Classes

 Training Classes

Receive diverse training in a small group setting now with our customized Group Training classes. Choose from 10 different class times each week offering a variety of organized concepts. Maximize your results with more motivation and accountability from our team of personal coaches.

  • Tx2

    • Amplified cross training. This group training program is unbelievable. This is just like the popular T-2 training, but its amped up by using TRX band suspension, ropes, sleds work, olympic weights and kettlebell. This workout gives you the leanest, defined body possible. Don’t wait, sign up!

  • S3

    • S3 (Spin, Strength, and Stairs) is a Takes 2 Fitness original concept. A combination of interval style training using spin bikes, strength training with weights, suspension bands, functional training and cardio fat burning work in the stairwell. This combination of training applications has proven results. Lean and toned.

  • Elite Bootcamp

    • This popular class is an accelerated boot camp style of multiple training applications while motivating you towards the fastest results to meet your fitness goals. This is offered at the Roundabout Plaza location during lunch and in the evenings. Getting ready for a special event (wedding, tour, etc.), this is the class for you!

  • Bridal Bootcamp

    • Bridal bootcamp is upcoming brides, bridal parties and mother of the brides to slim down and tone up for their big day. Training consists of full body workouts with cardio intervals to maximize results with modifications for every fitness level. Don’t wait until its too late, make health in the new chapter of your life a priority!

Pricing Options

  • Unlimited classes (membership add-on)

    $45 per month
  • Member Rate

    $10 per class
  • Non-member rate

    $15 per class