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With over 30 years of personal training and conditioning experience, Founder ,Jeff Bergholtz M.A. started Takes 2 Fitness in Nashville’s West End neighborhood  over 15 years ago based on a proven principle: when you pair individuals in strength, spirit, and mind they are 80% more likely to reach their desired goals. Since then, the personal training gym has grown to include 3 locations, 25 trainers and is the premiere choice facility for Nashville’s residents. Takes 2 Fitness’ diverse client base includes Nashville’s top fortune 500 executives, physicians,  music producers, entertainers, athletes, and the hardest working population in America, Nashville housewives.

We believe that all people can achieve fitness and life transforming goals through strength in numbers. We accomplish the Power of 2 through accountability, empowerment, motivation and engagement that ensures life-long success. Our passion is life transformation — physically, mentally and spiritually. Our training philosophy and passion is to develop the total person by achieving fitness goals and life wellness through strength in numbers. Our goal is to empower people by transforming their bodies and lives and ensuring total fitness through a training partner. The transformation begins now.

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We pride ourselves in offering an elite team of professional trainers. Our professional trainers have college degrees, training certifications with an accredited organization or 5 years or more of personal training experience, and additional work in exercise physiology.


Jeff Bergholtz, M.A.

Founder/ President, Certified Personal Trainer

David Moss, B.S.

Chief Operations Officer, Partner, Certified Personal Trainer

Holden Potter, B.S.

Certified Personal Trainer

Jonathan Hodgman

Certified Personal Trainer

Katie Friese, B.S.

Certified Personal Trainer

Monica Munsen, B.S.

Certified Personal Trainer

Caralyn Hammonds

Certified Personal Trainer

Ashley Golden

Certified Personal Trainer
Chris Mahoney – Nashville

Chris Mahoney

Director of Roundabout Plaza, Certified Personal Trainer

Sterling Neighbors, B.S.

Certified Personal Trainer

Austin Fox

Certified Personal Trainer

Cathy Bergholtz, B.S.

Corporate Wellness, Partner, Certified Personal Trainer

Kiri Cormack, M.S.

Certified Personal Trainer

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